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100 Years since the Creation of the Ukrainian Navy

Putting into circulation : 18 April 2018
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
10 сплав на основі цинку 12.4 30,0 uncirculated corrugated 1000000 1000000

Series: Ukraine's Armed Forces
This coin commemorates 100 years since the creation of the Ukrainian navy. In early 1918, the Central Council adopted several important navy laws, which at that time had a declarative nature. Among the most important ones was the Temporary Fleet Law. On 29 April 1918, the Admiral Mikhail Sablin, who was in command of the Black Sea Fleet, guided by the sentiment expressed by most Ukrainian marine soldiers and officers, declared the Black Sea Fleet stationed in the city of Sevastopol and Crimea the fleet of Ukrainian People’s Republic, and ordered that a Ukrainian flag be raised. That day, known as Ukrainian Fleet Day, went down into history as an important event for Ukraine’s state fleet, the day “when an entire Ukrainian fleet pledged allegiance to its motherland.”
Retail price, Hryvnas: 10

Obverse: above, against a matt background, is Ukraine’s small coat of arms, to the left of which are the vertical legends: УКРАЇНА (Ukraine) and 10 ГРИВЕНЬ (10 hryvnias) and the coin’s issue year – 2018; to the right, against a smooth background, are conventionalized images of the flag Ukraine’s navy used at that time, and a sailing military ship; to the left of the ship is the mint mark of the NBU’s Banknote Printing and Minting Works.
Reverse: against the backdrop of conventionalized waves is the figure 100, one zero of which contains a wind rose diagram (a tool that graphically displays wind speed and direction), with the other zero depicting a trident placed on an anchor; on both sides of the trident are the years – 1918 and 2018; there are the following legends: СТВОРЕННЯ УКРАЇНСЬКОГО (creation of the Ukrainian) (above) and ВІЙСЬКОВО-МОРСЬКОГО ФЛОТУ (navy) (below).
Designer: Volodymyr Taran , Oleksandr Kharuk , Serhii Kharuk
Engraver: Anatolii Demianenko , Volodymyr Demianenko