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Digging up Potatoes

Putting into circulation : 22 May 2018
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight of pure precious metals, gramme Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
10 silver (Ag 925) 31.1 38,6 proof smooth with in-depth legends 4000 4000

Series: Other coins
In its artistic depiction, the coin celebrates the ironic naivety typical of Ukrainian archetypical characters. Ukrainians are well known for their high regard of Mother Earth, held since time immemorial. Passion for, and love of the earth, as well as a millennia-long farming tradition is symbolized by two figures – a man and a woman – shaped as a heart.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 1622

Obverse: there is a conventionalized image of the tree of life; the top of the tree is smooth and placed against the background of a field; the lower tubers are gold (local gilding*) and placed against a smooth background. Below are Ukraine’s small coat of arms (to the left), the coin’s issue year 2018 (to the right), the semicircular legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine), and the coin’s face value 10/ГРИВЕНЬ (10/hryvnias).
Reverse: against a smooth background are conventionalized images of a man and a woman who are digging up potatoes. The figures of the man and the woman form a gold heart (local gilding*). There is the following circular legend: КОПАННЯ КАРТОПЛІ (digging up potatoes).
Designer: Volodymyr Taran , Oleksandr Kharuk , Serhii Kharuk
Engraver: Volodymyr Demianenko , Anatolii Demianenko