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100 Years of the Act of Union – the Unity of Ukrainian Lands

Putting into circulation : 17 January 2019
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
5 nickel silver 16.54 35,0 special uncirculated corrugated 40000 40000

Series: Rebirth of Ukrainian Statehood
The commemorative coin is dedicated to the solemn proclamation of the act of unification of the Ukrainian People`s Republic and the Western Ukrainian People`s Republic into a single independent state. On 22 January 1919, in a solemn setting of Kyiv`s Sofiivska Square, an event took place that was the result of a series of preparations. The Ukrainian people proclaimed the Act of Union – an act of unification of Ukrainian lands – which stated that from that day on, the Ukrainian people, freed by a powerful impulse of their own forces, were to unite the efforts of all of their sons in building an indivisible, independent Ukrainian state for the good and happiness of the Ukrainian people.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 51

there is Ukraine`s small coat of arms, below which is the legend УКРАЇНА (Ukraine); in the center, against a smooth background is a font composition of the abbreviations УНР/ЗУНР (Ukrainian People`s Republic/Western Ukrainian People`s Republic), with letters adorned with distinctive ornaments; underneath, against a matte backdrop is the coin`s face value 5/ГРИВЕНЬ (5 hryvnias), on either side of which is a conventionalized floral ornament; underneath is the coin`s year of issue – 2019; and the mint mark of the NBU Banknote Printing and Minting Works (to the right, against a smooth background).
against a smooth background, there is a fragment of the Act of Union: ОДНИНІ/ВОЄДИНО ЗЛИВАЮТЬСЯ/СТОЛІТТЯМ ОДІРВАНІ/ОДНА ВІД ОДНОЇ/ЧАСТИНИ ЄДИНОЇ УКРАЇНИ –/ ЗАХІДНО-УКРАЇНСЬКА/ НАРОДНА РЕСПУБЛІКА/ (ГАЛИЧИНА, БУКОВИНА/ І УГОРСЬКА УКРАЇНА)/ І НАДДНІПРЯНСЬКА/ВЕЛИКА УКРАЇНА./ ЗДІЙСНИЛИСЬ/ ВІКОВІЧНІ МІРЇ,/ЯКИМИ ЖИЛИ/І ЗА ЯКІ УМИРАЛИ/КРАЩІ СИНИ/ УКРАЇНИ. (FROM NOW ONWARD, MERGED TOGETHER ARE THOSE PARTS OF THE ONE UKRAINE THAT, FOR CENTURIES, REMAINED TORN APART: THE WESTERN UKRAINIAN PEOPLE`S REPUBLIC (HALYCHYNA, BUKOVYNA, AND HUNGARIAN UKRAINE) AND THE GREATER, OVER-THE-DNIPRO UKRAINE. THE AGE-OLD DREAMS FOR WHICH THE BEST SONS OF UKRAINE HAVE LIVED AND DIED ARE THUS FULFILLED.) Superimposed on the text is a latent image of the trident. To the left and right of the inscription are medallions with images of land symbols: a lion symbolizing Western Ukraine (left) and Archangel Michael symbolizing central Ukraine (right), above which is a conventionalized floral ornament in the form of laurel branches; underneath is the inscription 100 РОКІВ АКТУ ЗЛУКИ (100 years of the Act of Union).
Designer: Volodymyr Taran , Oleksandr Kharuk , Serhii Kharuk
Engraver: Volodymyr Demianenko , програмне моделювання: Андріянов Віталій