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Volodymyr Koretskyi

Putting into circulation : 10 December 2020
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
2 nickel silver 12.8 31,0 special uncirculated corrugated 30000 30000

Series: Outstanding Personalities of Ukraine
This coin celebrates Volodymyr Koretskyi, who was a Ukrainian scientist, law historian, an expert in international private law and the general history of the state and law, and a fellow of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. Koretskyi also actively contributed to the preparation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and many other important international legal documents.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 35

Obverse: above is Ukraine`s small coat of arms; to the left of the coat of arms is the legend НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ (National), to the right of the coat of arms is the legend БАНК УКРАЇНИ (Bank of Ukraine), the legend 2/ ГРИВНІ (2/hryvnias) is below the coat of arms; in the center is the legend THE UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS; to the left is the coin’s issue year – 2020, below which is the mint mark of the NBU Banknote Printing and Minting Works; beneath, against the background of sheets of paper, are the images of hands and a gavel, which symbolize the process of making court rulings).
Obverse: against the backdrop of a globe symbolizing Koretskyi’s international activities, is his portrait; under the portrait is the legend ВОЛОДИМИР/ КОРЕЦЬКИЙ (Volodymyr/ Koretskyi), to the left of the portrait are the years of his birth and death 1890/1984; there is the following circular legend: УКРАЇНСЬКИЙ ВЧЕНИЙ-ЮРИСТ СУДДЯ МІЖНАРОДНОГО СУДУ ООН (Ukrainian scientist and lawyer ? judge of the UN International Court of Justice).
Designer: Oleksandr Kuzmin , Maria Skoblikova
Engraver: Anatolii Demianenko , Volodymyr Demianenko