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140 Years of Taras Shevchenko All-Ukrainian “Prosvita” Society

Putting into circulation : 1 December 2008
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
5 bimetal from nonprecious metals 9.4 28,0 special uncirculated sectoral corrugation 45000 45000

Series: Ukrainian Heritage
The commemorative coin is dedicated to a Ukrainian cultural and educational society founded in 1868 in Lviv by a group of Narodovtsi (patriotic liberal intelligentsia faction) whose main objective was promotion of education of Ukrainian people, strengthening of the Ukrainian national idea, development of the national culture, formation of the national consciousness, etc.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 44

On the obverse within the central circle there is depicted the tree of life as an ornamental pattern with the year of issue thereunder; above there is the Small National Emblem of Ukraine; on the ring there is the circumferential inscription: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ – П’ЯТЬ ГРИВЕНЬ (National Bank of Ukraine – Five hryvnias) – below
On the reverse there are the emblem of the All-Ukrainian `Prosvita` (Enlightenment) Society and the circumferential inscription: ВСЕУКРАЇНСЬКЕ ТОВАРИСТВО ІМ. ТАРАСА ШЕВЧЕНКА - 140 РОКІВ (All-Ukrainian Society named after Taras Shevchenko - 140 years) - below.
Designer: Sviatoslav Ivanenko
Engraver: Volodymyr Demianenko , Sviatoslav Ivanenko