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Putting into circulation : 28 July 2010
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight of pure precious metals, gramme Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
10 silver (Ag 925) 31.1 38,6 special uncirculated smooth with in-depth legends 10000 10000

Series: Folk Crafts of Ukraine
The commemorative coin is dedicated to the weaving that was one of the most important economic activities of Ukrainian peasantry households and an element of the art and culture of Ukrainians. On the territory of Ukraine from the earliest times processed have been the fibres from flax, hemp and wool.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 1068

Obverse: above there are the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine and the conventionalized legend: НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine) thereunder; in the centre there are depicted in a conventionalized manner two cockerels and (to the left of them) the spinning wheel, and (to the right) - weaving products; below there is the legend: 10/ГРИВЕНЬ/2010 (10 hryvnias) together with the National Bank of Ukraine Mint logo.
Reverse: there is depicted a woman working at the loom. Above, against the background of a conventionalized linen, there is the legend ТКАЛЯ (woman weaver). To the left and right of the central composition there are ornamental flower patterns.
Designer: Volodymyr Taran , Oleksandr Kharuk , Serhii Kharuk
Engraver: Sviatoslav Ivanenko