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Liberation of Donbas from the Fascist Invaders

Putting into circulation : 30 September 2013
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Quality class of coinage Edge Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
5 nickel silver 16.54 35,0 special uncirculated corrugated 30000 30000

Series: World War II
The commemorative coin is dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of liberation of the region of Donbas. Thanks to the decisive actions of the Southwestern and Southern Fronts troops many towns, villages and industrial facilities of Donbas were saved. Donetsk (Stalino) was liberated on September 8, 1943, and the whole region of Donbas - on September 22, 1943.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 51

Obverse: above there is the semicircular inscription НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ БАНК УКРАЇНИ (National Bank of Ukraine) with the Small Coat of Arms of Ukraine thereunder to the right; in the centre there is depicted a memorial to the liberator warriors with its name thereunder МЕМОРІАЛЬНИЙ КОМПЛЕКС `САВУР-МОГИЛА` (Memorial complex `Savur-Mohyla`); below there are the coin issue year indication 2013 (to the left) and face value: 5/ГРИВЕНЬ (5 hryvnias) together with the mark of the National Bank of Ukraine Mint (to the right).
Reverse: against the mirror-finished background there is depicted the composition: a star with the inscription 70/років (70/years) and a laurel branch; also there are the circumscription ВИЗВОЛЕННЯ ДОНБАСУ ВІД ФАШИСТСЬКИХ ЗАГАРБНИКІВ (Liberation of Donbas from the fascist invaders) and the legend 1943 (below).
Designer: Volodymyr Atamanchuk , Sviatoslav Ivanenko , Svitlana Dudenko
Engraver: Volodymyr Atamanchuk , Roman Chaikovskyi , Sviatoslav Ivanenko