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National Lviv Polytechnic University

Putting into circulation : 20 April 2017
Technical Specifications
Denomination Metal Weight, g Diameter, mm Mintage, pcs Actual, pcs
missing nickel silver 0 31,0 20000 20000

Series: Souvenir products
This medal commemorates the National Lviv Polytechnic University. One of the oldest technical universities in Ukraine, the university has a glorious history, and is a powerful scientific and educational center, which generates ideas and inventions.
Retail price, Hryvnas: 26

Obverse: above is Ukraine`s small coat of arms, on both sides of which are the legends: УКРАЇНА and UKRAINE; there are allegorical sculptures from the university`s building, which symbolize science and arts; under the sculptures are the following legends: LVIVSKA POLYTECHNIKA/ NATIONAL UNIVERSITY/1816. To the left is the mint mark of the NBU Banknote Printing and Minting Works.
Reverse: there is the university`s main building, which was designed by the architect Julian Zachariewicz and built in the late 19th century. The following main inscription is on the building: LITTERIS ET ARTIBUS (for sciences and arts). Above it are legends reading НАЦІОНАЛЬНИЙ УНІВЕРСИТЕТ (national university) (semicircular, above)/1816/ ЛЬВІВСЬКА ПОЛІТЕХНІКА (Lviv Polytechnic).
Designer: Anatolii Demianenko
Engraver: Anatolii Demianenko