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Banking system indicators
Key performance indicators of banks
Key performance indicators of the Ukrainian banks
Income and expenses of the Ukrainian banks
Economic ratios
Ukrainian banking system's overall compliance with prudential ratios
Ratios and components of calculation of regulatory capital (Ukr)
Prudential ratios and limits of net foreign exchange position
Bank exposures
The amount of credit operations and the rate of non-performing exposures
Structure of household and corporate loans by classes (Ukr)
Loans to corporations, breakdown by types of industry and types of currencies, including non-performing loans (Ukr)
Passive operations of banks
Distribution of deposits of individuals and the amount of possible reimbursement by Deposit Guarantee Fund (Ukr)
Bank balance sheets
Trial balance (Ukr)
Aggregated outstanding amounts on balance sheet accounts of Ukrainian banks Archive
Archive 2007-2017 on Ukrainian banks financials and aggregated outstanding amounts on balance sheet accounts
Number of bank structural units
Number of banks’ structural units (Ukr)