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The National Bank of Ukraine


The National Bank of Ukraine is a modern, open and independent central bank enjoying public trust and integrated into the European community of national central banks.



To ensure price and financial stability contributing to the sustainable economic development of Ukraine.









Implementing the central bank’s Strategy requires consistent actions that would ensure the achievement of the goals. The NBU identifies these goals in the Action Plan it prepares and publishes every year. This document outlines the specific actions and key activities of the NBU that are aimed at implementing the Strategy:

      Action Plan for 2019 (January 2019)

      Mid-term Action Plan (March 2018) (Ukr)



Legal Status and Functions of the National Bank of Ukraine


The National Bank of Ukraine (hereinafter referred to as the National Bank) is the central bank of Ukraine, a special central body of the state administration, whose legal status, objectives, functions, powers and principles for organization are determined by the Constitution of Ukraine, Law of Ukraine On the National Bank of Ukraine and other laws of Ukraine.


The National Bank of Ukraine is an economically independent body that pays the expenses for the account of own revenues within the limits of the approved budget and, in cases set forth in the Law of Ukraine On the National Bank of Ukraine, at the expense of the State Budget of Ukraine.


The National Bank is a legal entity with separated property that is the object of the state property right and is in the full economic competence of the National Bank.


According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the main function of the National Bank is to ensure stability of the monetary unit of Ukraine. When exercising its main function the National Bank shall proceed from the priority of achievement and retention of the price stability in the country. The National Bank shall within its terms of reference promote the banking system stability and sustainability of the economic growth and second the economic policy of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.



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