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National Bank of Ukraine Expands the List of Data to be Disclosed by Banks

27 December 2018

Press Release


The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) continues to improve transparency of the banking system for depositors and investors, and for that purpose the NBU expands the data to be published by banks and the NBU that show the operating status of the banking system.


Soon the NBU on its official website and banks on their websites will start posting monthly data as follows:

     on the progress of banks’ compliance with the new LCR ratio

     on risk exposure with a breakdown by bank’s borrower classes

     on distribution of loans, as well as nonperforming loans, with a breakdown by lines of business of borrowers

     on distribution of retail depositors with a breakdown by deposit amounts and deposits in foreign currency and domestic currency, and amounts of possible compensation from the Deposit Guarantee Fund.


These data will be published for the reporting month by the 30th day of a month following the reporting one, and for January – by 28 February, and for December – by 1 February next year.

Also, the NBU and banks will start publishing findings of resilience assessment of banks and the banking system of Ukraine as follows:

     information on the regulatory capital and Tier 1 capital, values of adequacy ratios of the regulatory capital (N2) and of Tier 1 capital (N3):

o          according to the bank’s data for the reporting year

o          according to assessment findings of the quality of assets and the eligibility of collateral for bank’s loans

o          for each forecasting year according to the macroeconomic scenarios set out for banks for the three-stage resilience assessment

     required additional capital (capital shortage) or required capital adequacy according to resilience assessment findings.


Resilience assessment findings are published by the end of the year by banks before 28 December and by the NBU before 31 December.


Said amendments will improve awareness of investors, depositors, and banks’ customers on the status of the banking system. All in all, this will have a positive impact on trust in banks and favor implementation of one of the NBU’s strategic goals i.e. stability, transparency, and efficiency of the banking system.


Information will be available on the NBU’s website in the section Statistics. Banking system indicators.


These actions were approved by NBU Board Resolution No. 157 On Amendments to NBU Board Resolution No. 11 dated 15 February 2018 dated 27 December 2018. These shall enter into effect on 1 January 2019, save for those related to resilience assessment findings effective as of 27 December 2018.




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